Fairy, flowers and butterflies | Coloring book for children 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years old: 20 coloring pages

Coloring books are a wonderful way to develop children’s creativity and imagination. Today we want to introduce you to a selection of coloring books that will especially appeal to girls aged 5 to 10 years. This collection contains charming images of a fairy girl surrounded by beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies.

Each picture features a cute forest fairy that will help your little artist create a real work of art. Around the fairy there are beautiful flowers of different types and shades, and bright butterflies soar in the air, adding special life and movement to the painted pictures.

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Fairy Girl: 14 coloring pages

And the best thing about this collection is that all coloring pages can be printed absolutely free. Just select an image, click on it and save to your computer. Then open the image and print it on your printer. Just like that, your daughter will have the opportunity to create her own unique works of art.

Fairy Girl: 6 coloring pages

Coloring books are a great pastime for little princesses. They develop fine motor skills, imagination, color perception and observation. Beautiful colors and bright colors will fill each picture, giving it a unique life. Give your daughter the opportunity to unleash her creativity with these coloring pages.

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