Kitchenware | Coloring books for children 4, 5, 6 years old: 9 coloring pages

The kitchen is where miracles happen! Here people cook delicious food and the whole family gathers around the table. And to teach kids to recognize and name various items that are used in the kitchen, we have put together a selection of simple “Kitchen Utensils” coloring pages for you.

In this collection you will find many interesting items that are used to prepare food. After all, to create a real masterpiece, you need to know how to properly use various dishes and kitchen appliances.

Gallery No. 1: 10 coloring pages

Gallery No. 2: 9 coloring pages

So, let’s see what objects are collected in these exciting coloring pages:

1. A frying pan is a large flat dish with a handle in which pies, scrambled eggs and much more are fried.
2. A saucepan is a deep dish with a lid in which soups and porridges are cooked.
3. A cup is a small container with a handle in which hot drinks are drunk.
4. A plate is a flat utensil on which food is placed before being eaten.
5. A spoon is a small metal object with a handle that helps you eat soups and other liquid foods.
6. A fork is an object with straight or curved teeth, with which you can grab and eat pieces of food.
7. A knife is a sharp object with a cutting surface that is used to cut food.
8. Cheburek maker is a tool for making amazing pasties.
9. A mixer is an electrical device that helps beat foods such as cream or dough.
10. A teapot is a dish with a handle and spout into which hot water is poured to make tea or coffee.

These are just some of the items that can be found in the kitchen. You can color all these pictures to better remember their shapes and names. You can also use these pictures to play games, talking about how each item is used.

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All drawings can be downloaded and printed absolutely free. This way, you can create your own collection of coloring pages and have fun with your kids.

Don’t forget that by playing with coloring books, your child learns to name and distinguish objects, develops motor skills and imagination. So get your brushes and paints ready and go into the magical world of kitchen utensils with us!

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