Mermaids: 42 mermaid coloring pages for children and adults

Who doesn’t love mermaids? These are fairies in the ocean, princesses in another world and myths that capture our hearts. Be it their perfect flowing hair, shimmering ponytails or impeccable style, the glamor of these mythical creatures is simply undeniable.

And it’s no wonder that coloring mermaids has become the latest obsession among people of all ages. From children to adults, people simply can’t get enough of these fantastic creatures. The ocean-themed scales, costumes, hair, and backgrounds give plenty of room to let your imagination run wild.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner, mermaid coloring is the perfect way to unleash your creativity. You can experiment with bright colors, play with different shading techniques, and really bring these mythical creatures to life on the page. And despite all the therapeutic benefits, mermaid coloring pages help you relax, unwind, and de-stress from your daily hustle and bustle.

So if you’re looking for free printable mermaid coloring pages for kids and adults, you’ve come to the right place. From simple mermaid illustrations for your little ones to stunning Little Mermaid and Barbie mermaids, this collection of mermaid coloring pages will be a masterpiece in your art collection.

To start coloring, simply click on the image of your choice and download the full-size, high-resolution JPG file in a new tab. You can then print it or import it to your digital device. So get your painting materials ready and enjoy your holiday.

Stunning mermaid coloring pages for kids and adults

Simple mermaid coloring pages for kids

Mermaids are not necessarily the easiest characters to color. But this does not mean that they are not for children and beginners. The following collection of mermaid coloring pages is designed to make it easier for even the youngest artists.

Simple and cute Barbie mermaid coloring pages for kids

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of mermaids? Mysterious? Magic? Beauty? Well, these Barbie mermaid coloring pages meet all those standards.

They transform the iconic Barbie into a mermaid with flowing locks, shimmering tails and adorable accessories. Moreover, the elegant and simple design makes them beginner-friendly. Whether your little ones are budding artists or love to add a pop of color to their day, these pages are sure to spark their creativity.

Mermaids: 42 mermaid coloring pages for children and adults

Simple and cute barbie mermaid coloring page
Simple mermaid coloring page
Easy to color the Little Mermaid coloring page
The Little Mermaid coloring page for kids

Adorable mermaid coloring pages for kids

Who doesn’t like cats and who doesn’t like mermaids? These adorable purring illustrations combine cat coloring pages with whimsical mermaids to create a magical combination that will make your heart melt.

Cat mermaid coloring page for kids
Cat mermaid coloring page
Cute sleeping cat mermaid

Cute mermaid coloring page for children

Cute mermaid coloring page for kids

Mermaids have been described as mythical creatures that lure sailors to the depths of the sea. But forget all that for a moment, because in the art world, mermaids can be friendly and adorable.

This charming illustration captures the joy and innocence of a friendly mermaid greeting you with a wave. This is the perfect coloring page to bring a smile to your child’s face and let their imagination run wild.

Light mermaid with crown

Easy mermaid with a crown coloring page

Scales, tail, hair – there are many intricate elements that make mermaids so charming. But fear not, aspiring artists! This coloring book has it all, but in a minimalist style. With a simplified design and fewer details, this page is ideal for beginners.

Simple mermaid tail coloring pages

Looking for simple yet captivating illustrations to warm you up for your coloring adventure? The following illustrations highlight the most iconic feature of mermaids—their dazzling tails. With clean lines and simple designs, these coloring pages are a quick and enjoyable artistic activity.

Simple mermaid tail coloring page for kids
Simple mermaid tail coloring page

Simple happy mermaid coloring page for kids

Simple happy mermaid coloring page for kids

Super adorable little mermaid

Super adorable mermaid

How cute is this little mermaid? She greets you with a smile on her face and a heartfelt gesture, and it is impossible to resist her charm!

Free printable Mermaid coloring page

Free printable mermaid coloring page

This cute mermaid coloring page is a new step in coloring game for little ones. Loose hair and an ocean backdrop offer endless possibilities for a creative color palette.

Here’s an example of how this page can come to life with an explosion of colors. But feel free to let your creativity run wild and explore different color combinations!

Free printable mermaid coloring page colored

Unicorn Mermaid coloring page for children

Unicorns and mermaids, two magical creatures that have captured our imagination. Now they’ve finally come together in these adorable mermaid unicorn coloring pages. This is a fantasy-filled combination that will ignite your creativity and invite you into a world of wonder.

Unicorn mermaid coloring page for kids
Super simple Unicorn mermaid coloring page for kids

Intricate mermaid coloring pages for adults

Are you ready to take your drawing skills to the next level? These intricate mermaid coloring pages are made for artists who crave a coloring adventure like no other. Whether it’s intricate patterns, delicate scales, or whimsical underwater scenes, the following designs will be simply stunning.

Beautiful mermaid in the ocean

Beautiful mermaid in the ocean coloring page for adults

This gorgeous mermaid is simply stunning as her hair gently floats in the ocean currents. And the scene comes alive with vibrant sea corals and lush aquatic plants, making this coloring page a potential masterpiece.

Beautiful mermaid

Beautiful mermaid underwater coloring page

Another mermaid who sits quietly in the depths of the sea, interested in life on land and the stories of people that she has heard. With a thoughtful expression on her face, she imagines the wonders of the world above the waves. Here’s how to turn this page into a fascinating underwater wonderland:

Beautiful mermaid underwater coloring page colored

Beautiful mermaid with flowing hair

Beautiful mermaid with cascading hair

Little Mermaid coloring pages

Inspired by the classic Disney character Ariel or The Little Mermaid, the following coloring pages are perfect for Disney lovers. Ariel is one of the most famous princesses. With her fiery red hair, sparkling green tail and a voice that captivates all who hear it, she has captured the hearts of millions.

These Little Mermaid coloring pages will allow you to join Ariel on her underwater adventures. Bringing these pages to life with vibrant hues will take you on a journey of imagination and fairytale.

Intricate mermaid in her gown coloring page
Gorgeous mermaid in dress
The Little Mermaid coloring page for adults

This sweet portrait may not include Ariel’s signature ponytail. But it captures another side of the beloved mermaid princess.

Whether it’s her facial expression or her stunning costume, this portrait allows you to delve into the intricacies of Ariel’s character and showcase her inner beauty. Here’s an example of what this page might look like when finished:

The Little Mermaid coloring page for adults colored
The Little Mermaid coloring page

Even in black and white, the Little Mermaid’s beauty shines through. She beams with a wide smile that radiates pure joy. As she sits on the rock, you can imagine the excitement in her eyes as she ventures into the world above the water.

The Little Mermaid coloring page colored

Elegant Mermaid coloring page

Elegant mermaid coloring page

Mermaid is waiting for her love

The mermaid waiting for her love

This intricate mermaid coloring page features a beautiful mermaid sitting on the rocks, patiently waiting for the love of her life. From the delicate scales on her tail to the intricate patterns that adorn her flowing hair, the attention to detail makes this work of art truly captivating.

Princess of the Sea

Princess of the sea

Floral Mermaid coloring page

Floral-themed mermaid coloring page

Elf mermaid in the sea

Mermaid elf in the sea

She may look like a typical mermaid, but her ears reveal a secret that sets her apart: her identity as an elf. We may never know how this adorable mermaid/elf combination came about, but one thing is for sure: she is mesmerizing and rare. Here’s a possible version of how this page could come to life:

Mermaid elf in the sea - colored

Stunning mermaid with flowing hair

Stunning mermaid with flowing hair

Gorgeous mermaid swimming in the ocean

Gorgeous mermaid swimming in the ocean
Gorgeous mermaid swimming in the ocean colored

Mermaid and waves

Mermaid and waves

Intricate mermaid coloring book

Intricate mermaid sitting on the rock coloring page

This coloring book is a real test for experienced colorists. There are lots of details to color: the sky, the rocks, the mermaid’s tail and her stunning dress. If you’re ready to test your skills and ignite your creativity, this page is for you!

To give you some ideas, here’s an example of how this coloring page might turn out. Add your own twist and create your own art!

Intricate mermaid sitting on the rock coloring page colored

Creative mermaid coloring pages to print

Forget about conventional designs; The following mermaid coloring pages are designed to spark your imagination and unleash your artistic talents. In this collection you will find mermaids in different poses and different scenes that will transport you to an underwater wonderland with endless possibilities.

Mermaid in her transformation

Mermaid in transformation

This coloring book is unlike any other. Instead of depicting mermaids in their typical form, it depicts the transformation of a mermaid into a human. While her legs suggest she is transforming into a human, the tail under the boat suggests her underwater origins.

Mermaid Princess Portrait

Mermaid princess portrait

Instead of depicting the mermaid’s entire body, there is more emphasis on her facial features. The crown is a symbol of her royal status in the underwater kingdom. With intricate details, sparkling eyes, and a floral background, this princess coloring page brings her beauty to life.

Mermaid Barbie on land

Barbie mermaid on land coloring page

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a mermaid to explore the city on her first day in the human world? This creative mermaid coloring page brings the scene to life. Watch this magical creature take its first steps in the bustling city, eyes wide with wonder and excitement.

Mermaid Fairy coloring page

Mermaid fairy coloring page

Do fairies exist in the depths of the ocean? You decide with this whimsical fairy coloring page. This magical creature moves gracefully through the ocean with its shimmering tail and flowing hair.

Will you use soft pastels to create a sense of serenity or bright jewel tones like below to reflect her radiant energy? The choice is yours.

Mermaid fairy coloring page colored

Anime Mermaid coloring page

Anime-styled mermaid coloring page

Mermaid coloring page with flower frame

Mermaid with floral frame coloring page

Stunning Mermaid Princess Portrait

Stunning mermaid princess portrait

Stained Glass Mermaid coloring page

Stained glass mermaid coloring page

Stained glass windows win hearts with their bright and contrasting colors. This one is no exception. The mermaid is transformed into a Renaissance masterpiece, with details reminiscent of cathedral windows. Below is an example of a color version of this page:

Stained glass mermaid coloring page colored

Whimsical Mermaid Coloring Page for Adults

Whimsical mermaid coloring page for adults

Besides the tail, another highlight of the coloring pages is the mermaid’s hair. You can choose one color palette or let your creativity run wild with a vibrant combination of shades, as shown in the example below.

Whimsical mermaid coloring page for adults colored

How to download and use these coloring pages

You can color these sheets in two ways: digitally and physically.

To color these pages on your digital device, download the image by clicking on it. The full-resolution letter-size file will open in a new tab. Save it to your phone or computer. Then import it to your digital device, such as an iPad. To color the sheet, you’ll also need a coloring program like Procreate.

To color these pages the traditional way,  click on the image you want to color and download the file. Then print it out and use the coloring tool of your choice (colored pencils, crayons, or markers).

You may want to start with lighter colors and work your way up to darker colors. You can also print multiple copies of the same page to experiment with different color combinations.

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